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‧ TBS Group Corporation established the TBS Charity Foundation in order to donate money and pay frequent visits to benefit the welfare of the lonely elderly and the needy children. Through these means, the TBS Charity Foundation contributes what little it and its staff can to society.

‧ TBS Charity Foundation regularly participates in the "Family Assist" charity bazaar and makes monthly contributions to help the needy.

‧ The TBS Charity Foundation sponsors the Mennonite Church to build the Old Folks Center and contributes to the Taiwan Society for the Blind, Taipei Old Folk Association, and Association of the Misplaced Old Folks and various community charities. 

‧ Established the I-Lan, Dajou Elementary School need based scholarship to help those in need to be able to finish their education. 

~~~ Brief description of the families that TBS Charity Group visited ~~~

Story 1:
When a veteran serviceman suddenly passed away, his seventy year-old disabled wife and granddaughter were mired in the difficulties and lost their only support. His granddaughter was a fifteen year-old girl whose parents died when she was very young. Even though confronting the tragic change, the girl knew she couldn't surrender to this cruel world because she was the only one who could look after her grandmother. Presently, she studies in Grade 9 with outstanding performances in both academic studies and character.

Story 2:
What an unfortunate destiny in this family. Both of the parents died when these four brothers were young. Among the four brothers, two were born disabled, and one suffered from apoplexy. The only support and earnings in this family came from the first-born brother, Mr. Huang. He and his wife worked in the ironworks since none of their relatives wanted to be involved in their problems. Fortunately, while we visited Mr. Huang, we saw that his children were pretty healthy and clever.

Story 3:
Mrs. Yang was a lady in her forties whose husband had died nearly five years previous. She lived in a public house with her daughter and fourteen year-old, mentally retarded son. Mrs. Yang herself was also in an unhealthy condition and had to take cardiac medicine regularly. She cried every time she mentioned the difficult circumstances of her life at present. Furthermore, the house might be reclaimed at any moment. She worried that if it really happened they would have no place to live.

Story 4:
It all started when her husband died. Mrs. Huang used to have a wonderful family with three children, but now she needs to live on her own. We admire that Mrs. Huang is an indomitable woman and a mother with affectionate love. At present, she is a temporary employee in the government, but aggressively strives to be a permanent one. She utilizes her spare time to study and earn college credits, which will have a positive effect on her position.

Story 5:
The threadbare elderly couple lived alone in a very small, one-room log cabin, which had shabby furniture and a foul smell. Even though their children, who lived in Taipei, wanted to take care of them, the children were all in deep in poverty as well. This couple possessed a small infertile farmland in which the husband grew vegetables. He, with his humpbacked body, and his wife walked for over one hour everyday to sell the vegetables in the market. Life was hard, but they knew they could depend on each other and this was satisfying enough for them.

Story 6:
As a dialysis patient Mr. Cheng needs to go to the hospital every day and spend over four hours taking treatments. Because of this, he isn't able to have a permanent job. Rather, he has a recycling job to earn a slight pay. His wife was born with infantile paralysis. Nonetheless, she now, as a housewife, brings up their cute four year-old boy. Even though they are in deep poverty, it is good to know that they at least have a wonderful family.

Story 7:
Sad to say, but Mrs. Hsieh was told that she had entered the last stages of her life on this earth and probably only had a couple months to live; or perhaps a couple of years if she remained in good condition. However, she was concerned about her three daughters' and one son's futures. She had no relative to rely on except her mother-in-law, but she was an old lady who also needed someone to take care of her.

Story 8:
Grandfather Fan used to be a successful businessman, but went bankrupt due to some misfortunes. At the same time, he was abandoned by all his children. His wife, also seventy years old, was all withered up after being bedridden for five years with arthritis. However, he persisted no matter how hard his life was. He would never abandon his wife and three granddaughters, all of whom were not yet fifteen years old.

Story 9: 
Mr. and Mrs. Lin were doing ok, but due to a number of circumstances, they have fallen quite far. Mrs. Lin is mentally disabled, and unable to function normally in society. Therefore, Mr. Lin has to take care of his wife and at the same time drive trucks for a living. Then after a traffic accident, Mr. Lin was seriously injured. He was able to recover, but he still needs full body rehabilitation. This means that this couple has no means of income and still has to take care of the bills that were incurred as a result of the accident. Without the rehabilitation, they can't earn a living. If they don't earn a living, Mr. Lin can't take care of his wife.

Story 10:
Mr. and Mrs. Chang have been married for 35 years. For 25 of those years, Mrs. Chang has been immobile, mute, and unresponsive. 25 years ago, Mrs. Chang sat down on the couch and suddenly became ill. Mr. Chang has taken his wife to see numerous doctors and has visited many temples, but still nobody knows what is wrong with his wife or how to treat her. For 25 years, Mr. Chang has diligently taken care of his wife, and as a result of his constant care, Mr. Chang has not been able to keep a job let alone make a living.

Mr. and Mrs. Lin are 80 and 90 years old respectively. The age difference is duly noted in their society as strange to say the least. This elderly couple not only has to deal with the inconveniences of old age, but also the wife's movement disability. However, we can tell that the husband deeply loves his wife. Despite much difficulty, he still eagerly took care of his wife for many years.

Mrs. Chang is a 70-some year old single mother living on her own. When her only adopted son married, following the daughter-in-law's requests, Mrs. Chang was left to fend for herself. Even though the son has left her, she is still officially a mother with a son, so Mrs. Chang can't avoid the full burden of government taxes. This coupled with her husband's death many years ago has left her helpless. If it weren't for kind hearted neighbors Mrs. Chang wouldn't have a place to live or to even earn a meager living. Her landlord lowered her rent to accommodate her situation, and her neighbors also help her do recycling work to help earn some money. Mrs. Chang is now completely reliant on the generosity of others.

Mrs. Lee is a single mother with slight epilepsy that has to take care of two young children and an elderly mother. Despite all this responsibility, Mrs. Lee cannot hold a steady job due to her illness and resorts to occasionally cleaning local schools to earn a meager living to hold her family together. Even though facing such miserable circumstances, she still has the positive attitude.

Story 14:

At 75 years of age, Mrs Yo is frail and was widowed many years ago. She has two sons and one granddaughter to live with her before the sad story begins. Several years ago his elder son married and had a daughter, but once he died, the wife ran away, leaving Mrs. Yo to take care of a grandchild by herself. Her younger son married as well, but his wife goes out of her way be discourteous and rude to Mrs. Yo and even prevents her husband from taking care of his mother.




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