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TBS empower its managers to make decision so as to achieve greater efficiency and fasterresponse to market changes. In addition, training is provided for employee to learn and know about each of the various functions so they can service the customers better.

Mr. George Wood in his 40 plus years of running the business has established his trustworthiness and professionalism with his customer. In addition, he is the current the chairman of Taiwan Sporting Goods Association, promoting the Taiwan sporting industries and developing business opportunity overseas. He has also won numerous awards like“Outstanding Entrepreneur”,“Honorary Academician”, “Outstanding leadership”,“World Celebrity”etc.

Sales Department: 
To be the pivot point of the organization in developing the international market and understand the market needs. To work closely with OEM in building own branding awareness in targeted markets. To be the focal point for customers issue and provide total customer satisfaction.

Research and Development Department:
To focus on developing new innovative products to meet market needs. To expand the company product portfolio, by developing 8 new innovations each year. TBS has a 14200 square feet R&D center dedicated to R&D.

Shipping Department:
To manage the import and export shipping schedules of the products and related requirement to the customers.

Quality Control Department:
To control the manufacturing process and quality control of the products to meet the deadline for delivery.

TBS China Branch Office:
To manage the overall operation in china, 22 quality control engineers in the office to ensure that the strictest standard is met before the products is ship out of the factories.

TBS' Factory in China:
To manage the factory operations and be responsible for the delivery of both finished and semi finished goods from other factories to TBS factory. To packaged the products as per customer request before shipping it out.

Financial Department:
To manage TBS group financial budget and to maintain well established relationship with the 9 well known banks in Taiwan. To provide timely and accurate information to the group in making good investment decisions.

Administration Department:
To ensure ISO compliance and ensure the smooth operation of the organization in term of resources and technology needed.

New Business Department:
To leverage on existing route to market and products portfolio to create new business opportunities.




TBS Group Corporation
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